Saturday, 24 November 2012

shout! aloud!

well yeah long time no updates =] im just damn happy for those winners at shout awrds (which i voted) ~ matluthfi, yuna, mizz nina, n others , just nk tgk shout awrds sbb: nk tgk matluthfi mng, n of course, k-pop acts, nu'est ! thanks 8tv; the most daebak tv station so far in MAS ! but , syg nurfazura xmenang :( i like the way she is, well so pretty :) btw, yuna is awesome, none others like her, for sure! i was hoping for hujan to perform, however they didnt. imma rangers =] i heard that kpop acts kena boo, people throwing rubbish to them, what??! sumpah nu'est & vixx xdtg msia dah :D Malaysians got manners what, so behave lah, anyways, they are good, well they have been practicing everyday, abt 16hrs/day, just imagine their hard work ! :0 one more, camera focused on something else, not the performers :(

 sooooo cute!