Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

cn bulan?

last 2 days i just knew that there was another one k-pop band debuted . told by my friend in nihongo class , i bet u guys wonder who they are =] they are called "cn bulan" hehehehe ! 4 of us laughed crazily hearing that from this one guy hikhik :) well we just pitied him ~ ~ it was actually abt cn blue jap single LIE, we used it for presentation but when i mentioned bout the song , he misheard it resulting in "cn bulan" HAHA ! thanks buddy, you made we laughed that day :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

C + B

these are some of the books that I like to read*chewwahh* hikhik .. actually it's a must(dulu2) ~ ~ hehe

nampak x authors dia : Campbell & Reece

dan sangat2lah tebal,  

best buku ni, banyak facts abt chemistry world that  make  you say "woww!!!"

 tapi dalam lecture tido jugak ! ish3 ~ ~ *tambah2 lecture subjek ni * hehe =] totally lost !

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


hurmm ... dah agak lama xupdate, quite busy coz banyak sangat keje nak kena submit + wi-fi buat hal untuk kali ke-2 *pissed off* and just now facebooking, got to know something, ... it is very bad ... , to know one of ur friends (my best friend) during national service ... =_=
and i was like .. is this true? questions keep bursting out , when,what,how, ... i really miss her !  she was really nice, adorable, caring, loving, ... +++ ,
i managed to keep in touch back with her not long before, almost a year ago ~ ~ after about 2 yrs since we last met.

YSW, you're the best friend i've ever had !! ~ ~ though this happened almost 10 months already, ... and i just knew *sigh* :'( :(

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

One word

Sehnsucht verlange arzu  anhel igatsus nostalgie saudade monatreba lacht├íra akogare
All these words give one meaning = longing or if translated to Malay; rindu nah ! puas hati aku ! haha ! 
*am missing some1; havent heard anything of h** since last 2 weeks ~ ~
OK , today we learn about language, it is just one word but also gives a lot meaning to us, depends on how we translate to suit its meaning ... 
That’s all for now, a busy week is coming ~ ~

Sunday, 4 December 2011

the host club : cuteness overload

hi guys ! =] today it rains a lil bit, but i guess it's still okay,  hopefully will not cause any flood again ~ ~ dah banyak hari x update ni, so hari ini pasal satu j-drama baru, titled Ouran High School Host Club, for those who watched it, i'm sure u guys know very well *hehe* the character in the pic - he is Yamamura Yusuke, in the drama, he acts as the president of the club, the club consisted of cute,adorable, good-looking, rich high school boys except this one girl that has to disguise as a boy in order to join the club because she broke a very expensive vase while visiting the school, so she had to join the club to repay the vase ~ ~ so pathetic =[ okay i think this intro should be well enough to make u watch this drama... but be ready for 'cuteness overload' as you know, j-dramas always have this kind of characters  :) kyaa ~ ~ kawaiiii =]