Wednesday, 21 December 2011

cn bulan?

last 2 days i just knew that there was another one k-pop band debuted . told by my friend in nihongo class , i bet u guys wonder who they are =] they are called "cn bulan" hehehehe ! 4 of us laughed crazily hearing that from this one guy hikhik :) well we just pitied him ~ ~ it was actually abt cn blue jap single LIE, we used it for presentation but when i mentioned bout the song , he misheard it resulting in "cn bulan" HAHA ! thanks buddy, you made we laughed that day :)


r-5 said...

hahaha lol. maybe he did not dig his ears for a moth kot..;p

Pearl Jangmi said...

hahahaha ~ ~ ~ budak kuat study mcm 2 lah hehe