Tuesday, 13 December 2011


hurmm ... dah agak lama xupdate, quite busy coz banyak sangat keje nak kena submit + wi-fi buat hal untuk kali ke-2 *pissed off* and just now facebooking, got to know something, ... it is very bad ... , to know one of ur friends (my best friend) during national service ... =_=
and i was like .. is this true? questions keep bursting out , when,what,how, ... i really miss her !  she was really nice, adorable, caring, loving, ... +++ ,
i managed to keep in touch back with her not long before, almost a year ago ~ ~ after about 2 yrs since we last met.

YSW, you're the best friend i've ever had !! ~ ~ though this happened almost 10 months already, ... and i just knew *sigh* :'( :(


Joe_Hans said...

sama lar...sangat busy!

Pearl Jangmi said...

suasana di hujung2 sem =]